A satisfied client is our best endorsement!

“The impact of CMA’s support in event planning, program development and financial management has been huge because it really allows us to focus on our goals and strategic planning.
It’s funny, when CMA got involved the Board thought we’d have less work. It turned out we actually have more work, but it’s different work and it’s the right work for an association Board and its Committees. It’s the leadership work we couldn’t do before because we were so focused on administrative details.
All of these improvements have made a huge difference in terms of raising awareness of NAACO’s value to our member institutions. We’re just a far more professional association projecting more of a leadership stature to members, non-members and potential sponsors. I truly think in the next few years we’re going to see an even bigger difference.”

Linda Bekerian, NAACO 2013-2014 Board President and Associate Director of Academic Ceremonies at Northeastern University in Boston, MA

“One of the first aspects of my role with CMA was overhauling the old NAACO website. The new look and expanded content of the website, particularly the Members Only section and the social communities, have given us more member benefits. I think that’s one of the reasons for the increase in membership. People are seeing and finding greater value. It’s the same with upgrading the design, content and frequency of NAACO’s e-newsletters and the launch of The Mace print newsletter for institutional administrators. Before, there wasn’t much communication with members. Working as a team with CMA has done so much to improve NAACO!”

Lisa Walker, NAACO Director at Large for Communications and Director of Commencement and Marketing Manager at the University of Washington-Bothell

“I just wanted to pass on a quick note of appreciation for the great work and assistance I received from Al, Diane and Kaitlin on this event.  I have never been the Chairperson of such an event before and it was made so much easier with all of the preparation and assistance provided by ICMA staff.  The recruiting and vetting of speakers, all of the logistics of the venue, the preparation of the “script” were all first rate!  All this effort created a dynamic event that I think is just the start of a great new membership opportunity for ICMA.  I really enjoyed working with all of you on this!  You have built a really great organization and I’m proud to be just a small part of it!”

Dave Tushie, ICMA Standards Representative and President of Magellan Consulting

“The CMA team is terrific.  We are blessed to have your talent and devotion to our mission.  I am more buoyed about the future of our association today than I have been in some years.  We have turned the ship into the wind which will allow our members to take off.”

Bob Desautels, First Vice-President, Event Service Professionals Association

“I want to thank [the CMA staff] on their ability to lead this [rebranding] process from ‘behind.’ To have a management company who understands the role of facilitating is a great asset to have as we move forward. [You] have been a great asset to us by keeping us focused on the task at hand, while still allowing us to make the key decisions that affect our organization.”

President, Event Sales Professionals Association

“Great to be working with professionals who instill confidence in people just by being associated with such a high level of competency. To me, this is an art that not too many management companies/consultants embrace today—the ability to empower organizations by administering a daily dose of confidence in that organization’s leadership is a sure path to success. As a board member for an organization in the midst of an ‘extreme make-over’, I can attest that in terms of the association management world, we have found our very own Ty Pennington and Crew-time to move that bus and reveal, thanks to CMA!“

Laurie Okun, Active-Member Director, Convention Sales Professional International

“CMA has taken a leadership role in turning Card Manufacturing magazine into the award-winning global industry magazine it is today. Their positioning of the magazine has strengthened our recruiting efforts and visibility at other industry shows and events and raised the value proposition of membership.”

Merrill Martin, Board Member for the International Card Manufacturers Association (ICMA)

“CMA has been a huge help in being the focal point for calls, donations, registration, prizes and sponsorship donations. Without their feet on the ground and ability to coordinate the tasks needed, not only would the profits have been substantially less, but the quality attitude the players had because it went so well might not have been there either.”

George Avery, National Auto Body Council President

“In the past, we had done a lousy job at keeping the membership informed. That being said, the biweekly Screamzine mass mailing that CMA sends out has already gone MILES to dispel that notion. I have had many members comment to me that IAHA is doing a much better job at communicating, and it’s appreciated.”

Jay Wright, Board member International Association of Haunted Attractions

“I just wanted to send a shout out to you and the rest of the team for a job well done at APAC and the Audies. The feedback has been great and we owe it all to your excellent management in a turbulent year.”

Michelle Lee Cobb, Director of Library Marketing at BBC Audiobooks America and Past President of the Audio Publishers Association

“Congrats on getting the featured piece in the June issue of Pension & Investments. Suggest we send a quick blast email to our members updating them on the success of your efforts in telling “our side of the story.” Well done!”

Steven Rubenstein, Principal at Arrow Partners, Inc. and Past President of Third Party Marketers Association

“To the fabulous team at CMA, Thank You! Today I experienced the realization of a vision that was born probably 2 years ago, when I was voted in as President of NAIBD. At that time NAIBD was a boutique association trying to look like a national organization in scope, fulfillment and abilities. Today I realize that we are now built to under promise and over deliver with a team that is diversified and committed. We have the capacity to grow rapidly and not worry about fulfilling members expectations. Thank you for that, I now know that hiring CMA was the right decision.”

Steve Distante, CEO at Vanderbilt Securities and Chairman of the National Association of Independent Broker Dealers

“Congratulations for pulling together the ACOM Board Meeting and the ’09 Convention itself. Great effort; I believe the attendees were both entertained and educated. Kudos!!”

Bob Desautels, senior manager of Convention Services at the Indianapolis Convention & Visitors Association and ACOM Secretary 2009

“Thanks so much for your extraordinary efforts during ACOM’s Annual Conference. You were on top of every detail and the conference would not have gone off without your attention to detail, dedication and time. Thanks for making us all look good!! It is greatly appreciated!”

Julie Pingston, senior vice president of the Greater Lansing Convention & Visitors Bureau and ACOM member

“The ACOM Conference was great. Everything flowed smoothly, the sessions were good, the optional activities were fun, and the Gala was outstanding. Thank you both for all of your hard work and dedication. You do a great job for ACOM and we are lucky to have you.”

past ACOM president

“Each year you seem to top yourselves with an even more stellar ACOM meeting but honestly…I don’t know how you are going to do it next year! The meeting content was better than ever, the Gala was spectacular (great energy and fun!), the networking opportunities were plentiful, the 20 year slide show was wonderful…on and on…. Thank you both for your hard work and efforts on behalf of ACOM and for always making it such a pleasure to attend!”

Janice Telstar, past ACOM president

“You put together another very good program and I, for one, appreciate the time and effort required for such an undertaking. The venue was great, as were the arrangements.”

Brad Paulson, ICMA member

“You guys are nothing less than great! The entertainment this year at the Elan Awards was an all time high for me. The ICMA staff is always professional, friendly, and helpful beyond belief.”

Bill Crawford, ICMA member

“What a month! I think this is the most publicity I’ve ever seen generated for the APA. Congratulations!”

Theresa Pantazopolous, Audio Publishers Association, communications committee chair, associate director of publicity, Simon & Schuster Audio

“I’m happy to recommend CMA’s services whenever I can. Jeff and his team have always provided great direction and quality marketing programs to us over the years – they continue to surpass my expectations every time.”

Michael Swiecicki, president of the ProCard Group, past president International Card Manufacturers Association