The Year of Social Media

As many businesses are seeing the advantages of using social media as a way to connect to customers and prospects, associations who do not currently participate should also take note. In fact, a November 2009 survey from Champion Exposition Services, found that 91 percent plan to use one or more digital tools in the next 12 months, and that 66 percent plan to incorporate more digital tools and experiences into future events.

If your association is still waiting on the sidelines debating whether or not to utilize social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and LinkedIn, consider these game-changing benefits for each.

Facebook – Whether an association sets up a Fan page or a Group, Facebook provides an online community great for interactive networking and receiving information about association events.

Twitter – One of the most instantaneous ways to spread the word about new initiatives and member benefits, associations are mostly using Twitter to build anticipation for conferences, provide on-site updates and report post-conference successes.

Flickr – Also a great event promotional tool where photos tell the story of conference sessions, off-site excursions or anything else the association wishes to share with its members.

LinkedIn – A professional networking community that is perfect for association members who rely on the association for idea sharing through Discussion Boards and networking for job opportunities.

With people all over the country, or even the world, social media provides a way for your association members to connect more frequently and in a more timely way. Social media can ultimately build a link between association members that support the current modes of communication and builds anticipation for the next in-person meeting.

Having a presence on social media networks will not only strengthen the perception of the association in your members’ minds, but increase your search engine rankings, creating a stronger online presence and more opportunity for prospective members to learn about your organization. Talk with the marketing experts at CMA with the capabilities and know-how to implement a successful and well-maintained social media initiative.

Kaitlin Friedmann
PR Manager

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