Your Facebook Timeline Checklist

As of March 30, all Facebook organization pages have been automatically transitioned to the new “timeline” format. This format shows posts in a two-column chronological format that is largely driven by blown-up images to make a larger impact on screen.

If you have not yet made alterations to optimize this new format for showcasing your organization, here’s a check list for what you need to do now:

  1. Select a cover image – This is the large banner image that dominates the top of the page. This is supposed to be something representative of your organization and can change as frequently as you’d like. Keep the specs in mind – this is a panoramic shot so don’t select an image that has portrait, or vertical, orientation.
  2. Select images to represent your tabs – Especially if you have created custom Facebook tabs, make sure you have small thumbnail images that represent what each tab is about. Make sure they do not have intricate details that will be hard to see in such a small snapshot.
  3. Format your profile photo – If you previously had a profile photo that looked good as a portrait length photo, it may not translate well in the new square format now featured in the left hand corner. This photo also now overlaps the cover image so choose something that is aesthetically complimentary to the larger image.

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